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Keep Your Blog Ideas On Track

Stay on top of all that information

When looking for blog topics ideas often come think and fast. And that’s the problem. That ballpointpen2_small2.jpggreat idea that was pushing to get out into global circulation might have been on top of the mind pyramid for about thirty seconds but unfortunately was swamped by other ideas in the general chaos of the brainstorm. How do we get back to it?

Write your ideas down immediately

The first and most important rule is ‘be prepared’. Keep a note-taking device handy at all times. This can be as simple as a pencil and paper or it could be a complex piece of technology that is easily retrievable in most situations, like a pocket PC.

I move around during my job and I find that ideas come to me in all sorts of odd situations. If I’m not prepared to take notes almost immediately I often find myself sorting back through the grey matter for that train of thought that came to the station, stopped briefly and then rushed off somewhere else. This can often prove to be a very frustrating exercise, but a few simple notes are usually enough to recall the relevant thought patterns and get the brain following that speeding train once again.

A good tool for those of us on the move

One tool I find almost indispensible these days is a little software program called The Journal. I have a copy downloaded onto my USB/Flash drive that goes with me everywhere. When I’m working at a foreign computer (one that doesn’t actually belong to me) I just plug in my Flash drive and access the The Journal whenever I need to make notes. The Journal can be customised to record notes, daily musings, goals, addresses, or whatever you like to create. One major advantage to me is that I don’t leave tracks on client’s PCs. My thoughts and ideas are completely private, and that’s a big plus.

Keep all your research links in one place

Another great tool for bloggers is Google Notebook. Use it to store web addresses you want to revisit or even add a slice of the text from a web page.


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