Well it’s not snowing here in Australia but I love the effect provided by WordPress. We have our snow usually on cue around June 1 and then only on the highest mountains, but we love it. It’s my dream to visit a country where snow falls at Christmas time. We are usually sweltering here in […]

Death of the PDA?

I love my HP PDA, but apparently it’s on the way out, soon to be replaced by converged mobile devices and smart phones. I can’t deny that I’ve seriously considered buying an iPhone or something similar, but what has held me back until now has been the price and the added cost of the monthly […]

Keep Your Blog Ideas On Track

Stay on top of all that information When looking for blog topics ideas often come think and fast. And that’s the problem. That great idea that was pushing to get out into global circulation might have been on top of the mind pyramid for about thirty seconds but unfortunately was swamped by other ideas in the […]

Writing Advice From An Ancient Sage

“When you have finished a piece of writing, put it away for nine years.” This advice was offered by one of the ancients, Horace or Homer, I’m not sure which, to budding writers of the time. At least, that’s what I’ve been told… While at first it may seem unbelievable that anyone could take this suggestion […]

Documentation Forever (or not)

  As a Technical Writer I’m often told: ‘Oh, so you’re here to write documentation. But of course you know no-one’s going to read it.’ This comment can be taken a number of ways. I could interpret it as: ‘You’re just wasting your time and ours.’ or ‘We know our jobs so well here that we’re never likely […]